Sailing and Hiking – ANTARCTICA

The conquest of Mount Français, by Thomaz Brandolin and Felipe Caire
4.fev the 4.mar.2017


If you are one of those climbers seeking new challenges, almost unprecedented in the most inhospitable and remote regions of our planet. This expedition is for you!

Mount Français – located on Anvers Island, there is only one way to get there: sailboat!

And this is the only opportunity that we are offering in the Brazilian market – sailing and climbing in Antarctica !!!


Day 1 – recognition of the crew and the sailboat

Our meeting point will be in Ushuaia. Where we will make a good presentation of Mistralis sailboat (know the boat and its captain Felipe Caire videos below), explain more details of life on board and wait for a favorable window or zarparemos the same day.

If we want to arrive before the departure date, please let us know.


Day 2-9 – Crossing the Drake

That will be the moment of the challenging crossing of the Drake Passage which takes an average of seven days from Ushuaia. If we have an unfavorable window we can choose to go to Puerto Williams and there remain until the day of departure.

Day 10 – Arrival in Anvers Island

Mount Français – Sailing

We chose to sail directly to Antwerp, because the main goal of this expedition is to climb the Mount Français. If the crossing has been very tough and the conditions are not favorable for climbing, we remain on board for the region waiting for the time of the attack the summit.

Day 11-16 – Climbing


Because of the difficulty of access, Français Monte, as any mountain in Antarctica (except Vinson), we had only six ascents in more than 100 years since the conquest of the South Pole.

After disembarking everyone in Anvers, the boat will be anchored in the safest place waiting for our arrival. The board will have an experienced crew member who will be in monitoring and providing all possible support.

The climb will be held for six crew, the commander Felipe Caire and the climber Thomas Brandolin.

Learn more about the history of climbing Mount Français and text that you can get an idea of ​​what awaits us.

Day 17-20 – surfing the Antarctic region


We are going to visit Port Lockroy to do some shopping (:-)) and send letters to our friends.

Then follow the next days sailing the places that are more favorable to navigation. Here we made sure to not “engessarmos” the crossing, but always seek the most beautiful and safe places.

Day 20-28 – return

Now is the time to face the Drake again and leave all our security crew in Ushuaia or Puerto Williams, depend directly on weather conditions we are facing.

Expedition leaders:

Felipe Caire


Sailor for over 35 years, was awarded in national and international competitions. But left the competitive side of the ocean sailing to devote to entrepreneurial training since 2001. When created Mistralis undertaking both to foster ocean sailing through experiential activities, and to disclose the ocean sailing through educational and environmental activities along the coast Brazilian. In 2012/13 did Mistralis Challenge – Cape Horn, the first sailing school to cross the cable mitted. What generated a documentary on Channel OFF, as can be seen later this site. As a sailor has sailed more than 150,000 nautical miles and over a thousand crew members have participated in its sailing courses and oceanic crossings.

Thomaz Brandolin


Climber since 1980, with rises in the Andes, Himalayas and Alaska, led the 1st. Brazilian expedition to Everest. I also had the privilege of being the first Brazilian to walk to the North Pole. In Antarctica was twice as always support the climber Brazilian Antarctic Program – in Seymour Island (Marambio, for Argentine) in the Weddell Sea, and King George, where the Brazilian season. In King George climbed to the top of the ice cap of the island.


Crew members / Climbers:

We are looking for a team of 6 climbers to form our group and so “conquer” the French. It is important that each climber (a) have proven experience in ice climbing, living in isolated locations, and has own clothing and equipment. Snowshoeing and sledding expedition will provide. And of course, tope sail for distant seas for a month.

São Paulo, 26 / November / 2015.
Text Thomaz Brandolin
Obtained information on Google / Wikipedia and in the book “Mountaineering in Antarctica” by Damien Gildea.

We recommend everyone to come about one day before the scheduled our departure date so they can acclimate to cold and know a little more the boat and his expedition partner.
After analyzing the weather forecast zarparemos towards Cape Horn and then cross the Drake Passage, about 600 nautical miles and six days until our next destination: Anvers Island, where depart to conquer Mount Français.
Clothes time and material for climbing – each must bring your material.

Date: 4.fev the 4.mar.2017
Value: $ 6,000

Form of payment:
40% reservation
30% on November 5, 2016
30% on January 5, 2017.