About Us

The Mistralis company emerged in 2005, but since 1994 we held our already crossing the Brazilian coast, traveling thousands of miles, knowing a hundred communities, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and many natural beauties.

In 2001 we started to operate in the market for business training, where we remain today as icons in the Brazilian market.
In 2005 the company took a turn and became a related company directly the preservation of the marine and coastal environment, with the creation of Mistralis Shipping – Sailing and Raising Awareness, who visited several communities in the Bahian coast, raising awareness directly around 2000 people.
With over 10 years of experience leading people for several ports in Brazil, we launched new products and services:
– sailing courses
– ocean crossings
– races
– team work
Part of the team is performing Mistralis crossings in Brazil, while others are in Rio de Janeiro carrying the oceanic sailing courses.

One way to empower inexperienced people to be able to realize crossings with us, to command their own sailboats or just to tan one sail with complete freedom.
In 2013 the Mistralis and their commander Felipe A. Caire held a first for the Brazilians. It was the first commander to take on board a sailboat school an inexperienced crew to cross the so famous Cape Horn, one of the most feared places by all the great sailors.