Mistralis Expeditions – Polar Regions

Polar Expeditions

The Mistralis sailboat and its experienced skipper Felipe Caire offer you that like a lot of adrenaline and live life with strong emotions, but safely. The opportunity to meet quite remote places and, for the most part, only accessible by sailboat.

Sailing and Hiking – ANTARCTICA

From Puerto Williams and Ushuaia, we Set Sail the most feared sea passage of our planet: the Drake Passage.
Will be 5/7 day trip with lots of thrills!
We went straight to Anvers Island where we will set up our base camp and from there we went to conquer some of the mountains of the region.
The journey takes on average 30 days divided between sea and mountain.

Photography Antarctica

From Puerto Williams and Ushuaia, we Set Sail the most feared sea passage of our planet : the Drake Passage .
Will be 5/7 day trip with lots of thrills !
Our first landing will take place on Deception Island and from there we will follow for a sensational trip of about 12 days for Antarctica.
A trip unhurried , where the pace will be dictated by the force of nature and the best places .

South Georgia – Shackleton Expeditions

That’s a pretty extreme trip!

We leave Puerto Williams and follow straight to South Georgia , about 8 days at sea . With much more favorable winds that we face in Drake. Georgia Shackleton follow the paths!

Those who do not want to do the walk , can get on board and to tan the wonders of the region.

Expedition Chilean Channels

Ideal for those who enjoy beautiful scenery, lots of marine life, walking on glaciers, glacier taking bath and sailing for indescribable places.

Chileans Channels offer a wide variety of shelters and many emotions along the way.

Will be about 10 days at sea and lots of fun!

About Us

We are a team that tries to convey the passion for sailing, the extreme adventures and love the unknown and the freedom to close to our crew.
We conducted our expeditions with love, security and peace.
Come discover during one of our trips and meet beautiful places!

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Our Team

What our clients say

Sailing with Felipe Caire often in the most extreme crossings since 2012 .
Certainly there were many challenges. Great velejadas . And many miles traveled .
We have faced very difficult conditions on board.
We took several cold fronts .
We suffered at the anchors .
But always kept calm and in good spirits on board.
Caire can demonstrate calmly for the most extreme situations I have lived in all my life !
The ship despite being steel , when you have wind, sailing like a charm .

Marcelo Bartolomeu

Sailing with Mistralis for more than five years. Whenever I have time I go to sea with them. I have scoured over 2000 nautical miles. I went to Noronha. I met Ushuaia. I have often had the pleasure of sailing with the whole family .

Maria Lucia Faria

I made an 24-day voyage with all possible situations . Wind missing, windy , complete calm , rain, too cold , waves over 10 meters, winds over 50 knots . Now the reward … SENSATIONAL ! The skipper Felipe transmits a lot of confidence and tranquility. Known to be thick and calm at the same time . The Mistralis sailboat proved to be a true warrior and my house! I still miss the balance sheet and the saltwater taste .

Fernando Ferreira

We really wanted to experience a real sail and now we have some idea of ​​how is a sail why a great sail been.
We knew beforehand that we would not be of great value in boat handling, but what intrigued us most was how would the crew, after so many recommendations and strangers gathering would have everything to”estranhamentos“, but the group was excellent, very beyond any expectation.
Thank you for such a good time.

“Café” e Edi

Everyone should at least once in their lives, feel the sensation of sailing. Hard to put into words the feeling of looking at the stars, the sound of the sea through the hull, the breeze on his face, the spectacle of dawn and twilight, feed the catfish, great conversations and lessons …
In Mistralis we feel and learn from all this. With Felipe got a taste of what is to lead a life dedicated to the winds and seas, the difficulties and joys.
I thank you for providing this great experience of crossing (in which even want to repeat) in which I believe that everyone should try.

Ruy Shimmels

Here you will find recommendations of material, Mistralis Survival Guide and essentials to ensure your participation!

About us

The Mistralis company emerged in 2005, but since 1994 we held our already crossing the Brazilian coast, traveling thousands of miles, knowing a hundred communities, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and many natural beauties. In 2001 we started to operate in the market for business training, where we remain today as icons in the Brazilian market. In 2005 the company took a turn and became a related company directly the preservation of the marine and coastal environment, with the creation of Mistralis Shipping - Sailing and Raising Awareness, who visited several communities in the Bahian coast, raising awareness directly around 2000 people. With over 20 years of experience leading people for several ports in Brazil, we launched new products and services. In 2013 the Mistralis and their commander Felipe A. Caire held a first for the Brazilians. It was the first commander to take on board a sailboat school an inexperienced crew to cross the so famous Cape Horn, one of the most feared places by all the great sailors.